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downtown Santa Paula In the early 1900s Santa Paula was considered the pre-Hollywood film capital, the Queen of the Silver Screen.   Even today, Santa Paula is noted for its movie personalities (silent and sound).   TV or movie crews, attracted by the city's dense collection of vintage housing, downtown and rural scenery, are a common sight in the community today.

Keanu Reeves ran down a side street in "A Walk in the Clouds."  For "The Three Fugitives," Martin Short and Nick Nolte robbed a downtown bank.   Robert Downey, Jr. twirled his cane as Charlie Chaplin during filming at the town's 1887 depot.   The Winona Ryder movie, "Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael," was also filmed in Santa Paula.

1887 depotSanta Paula enjoys a long connection with the film industry dating to 1911, when silent film director Gaston Melies opened a studio on Main Street.   He was one of the premier pioneer directors at a time when film was new.   During his three-year stay, Gaston and his Star Film Stock Company put a lot of westerns in the can, including "The Ghost of Sulphur Mountain," filmed mainly in Steckel Park.

Movies filmed in Santa Paula include:
Addams Family; The Adventures of Joe Dirt; Assassination; Bubble Boy; Carrie, Chaplin; Leave it to Beaver; I'll Remember April; Nowhere to Run, Radio Flyer; Return to Two Moon Junction; Sunset; Three Fugitives; A Walk in the Clouds; Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael; and The Philadelphia Experiment.

TV movies or series which have filmed an episode include:
Beetleborgs; Jag; Horse Sense; Matlock; The Rockford Files; The Thorn Birds; and The X-Files.